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(Gallery is located on the Northbound side, approximately 200 yards north of Carrabbas restaurant)

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Sell coins in Tallahassee with Tallahassee jewelry paying up to the minute market price for gold and silver coins. Serving Tallahassee and N. Florida's coin needs, with a no cost coin appraisal and best offer guarantee when you sell your coins with Manor Auctions. Whether you are selling mixed silver coins, mint sets, proof sets, key dates, certified coins or a large rare coin collection - we guarantee the highest price when you do business with us.

Gold CoinsThe value of most coins change with fluctuations in the NYSE precious metals market, which trades throughout the business day. gold, silver and platinum have all been performing extremely well over the past couple of years, and all sit at or near 30 year highs. This means your gold, silver and platinum coins have never been worth more.

No Cost Appraisal: If you are in the Tallahassee area, our professional appraisers welcome you to stop in to our gallery. If you cannot make it to us, contact us to schedule a house call and we will gladly come out to see you. Our appraisers will take the time to sort, separate and value your coins. We understand your coins may have been in your family for a long-time and it's important for you to understand exactly how they are evaluated and appraised, which is why we take the time to carefully explain each step of the appraisal process.

If you choose to sell your coins with Manor Auctions, we guarantee the highest price. We have a straight forward approach, and make you immediate full market price offers. We know your time is valuable, and do not waste your time with low ball offers and price haggling. We guarantee our best offer - the first time - each and every time.

Whether you are looking to sell a single coin or an entire collection, Manor Auctions has the capability and knowledge to help you. Manor provides the following coin services:

  • Appraisal - our professional coin appraisers are always available to value your coin collection
  • Purchase - we purchase all coins ~ No collection is too small or large
  • Certification - provide NGC coin certification
  • Auction Consignment - as a professional collectibles catalog auction company, Manor offers the best consignment terms in the industry for coin consignment
  • Collection Management - looking for a particular coin? we can most likely acquire it for you
  • General Information - have a question about numismatics / coins? we can answer it for you

 Many coins have great value far beyond their face value. These values are created mainly by metal content (gold, silver & platinum), mint marks, condition, variety and year. Keeping in mindPile Mixed Silver Coins there are many varieties of coins and speaking in generalities (just a basic guide as to what is most commonly seen over the counter), are the following:

  • gold Coins- All, including Indians, Liberty, St. Gaudens / Double Eagle, Eagles
  • silver Dollars - Morgan 1878 - 1921,  Peace 1921–1928; 1934–1935; 1964 - although no 1964 were released to public (both 90% silver)
  • Silver Quarters - 1964 and older (90% silver)
  • Silver Dimes - 1964 and older (90% silver)
  • Silver Half Dollars - 1964 and older (90% silver), 1965 - 1970 (40% silver)
  • Nickels - Liberty Head 1883 - 1913,  Buffalo / Indian Head 1913 - 1938, War / Jefferson 1942 - 1945
  • Pennies - 1958 and older

Morgan Silver DollarIn the US, coins are graded on the Sheldon Scale, which is a 70 point grading system. This scale does have basic guidelines, but it often takes a professional to truly understand how the guidelines actually relate to the grading of a coin. The US coin grading scale is as follows:

G-4 (Good) - Major devices and features are evident as outlines. although the coin overall is heavily worn.

G-6 (Good-plus) - Coin has a full rim plus major devices and features are clearly outlined. Heavy wear.

VG-8 (Very Good) - Full rim with clearly discernible devices and features. Most legends are readable clearly, but the whole coin is still significantly worn.

F-12 (Fine) - Distinct rim, all legends readable, clear devices showing some detail, but the whole coin is moderately, but evenly worn.

VF-20 (Very Fine) - Clearly readable but lightly worn legends, devices show good detail, rims are clean, but the whole coin shows moderate wear on the high points and a little wear below.

VF-30 (Good Very Fine) - Legends are clear, devices show all detail with little wear; high points are lightly worn.

EF-40 (Extremely Fine) - Legends are sharp, devices are clear with slight but obvious wear on the high points.

XF-45 (Choice Extremely Fine) - Legends and devices are clear and sharp, with slight wear on the high points, and great eye appeal.

AU-58 (Choice About Uncirculated) - Virtually uncirculated, except for minor wear marks on high points. Nearly all mint luster must be present, and must have outstanding eye appeal.

MS-60 (Mint State Basal) - Coins in this grade may be dinged-up, bag-marked, ill-toned specimens, but they are in mint condition and free of any wear!

The grades from MS-60 to MS-70, are all based primarily on eye appeal, quality of luster and/or toning, and the presence or absence of bag marks, contact marks, hairlines, etc. All coins MS-60 and higher are Mint State coins.

Have questions? You are welcome to stop in to our Tallahassee Mall gallery or call us directly at 850-523-3787. We look forward to assisting you.


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