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Manor Auction Gallery

2811 Capital Circle NE

Tallahassee FL 32308


(Gallery is located on the Northbound side, approximately 200 yards north of Carrabbas restaurant)

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Tallahassee Coin Appraiser

Tallahassee coin appraiser. Manor Auctions is Tallahassee's leading coin appraiser and dealer of coins and currency. Whether you have a single piece of currency or a large coin collection, Manor's professional appraisers, based in Tallahassee, have the ability to appraise all types of coins and currency, such as gold coins, silver coins, national currency notes, us currency and international coins & currency. Manor provides its customers a no cost appraisal and valuation service. From ancient hand hammered coins to treasure coins and modern day minted coins, Manor has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your collection.

Traveling Nationally: Manor's appraisers travel nationally in the appraisal and purchase of coin and currency collections.

The evaluation and appraisal of coins can be complicated as there are numerous intricacies involved in determining coin value. Much like other collectibles, coin values constantly change. Manor has coin specialists on staff, who are keenly aware of the current coin market and values.

Some of the factors affecting coin values are:

  • Type of Metal (e.g. gold, silver etc.)
  • Condition - based on the 70 point Sheldon grading scale
  • Mint Marks
  • Year
  • Rarity
  • Current Metals Market
  • Market & Collecting Trends - Demand
  • Certification
  • Authenticity

Looking To Sell Your Coin Collection? Following appraisal of your coin collection, you will have an understanding of value. If you choose to sell your collection, Manor can assist in the disposition of your coins and currency. When dealing with a varied collection, it is most often the case where the coins need to be separated and placed in to different markets in order to maximize the return. The appraisers are able to recommend the best markets in which to sell your coins, whether that be a bullion trade, auction, consignment or private sale. Our focus is to match your coins with the market having the best return, and thus ensuring you realize the most value possible when your coins and currency are sold.

Please contact Manor Auctions to schedule your coin or currency appraisal. 850-523-3787 or Ask A Question.

Manor's appraisers look forward to assisting you.

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